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  • SVX Integral Manifold SVX Integral Manifold
  • KR-Subplated Valve KR-Subplated Valve
  • SV-25 Inline Valve SV-25 Inline Valve
  • Relief Valve Relief Valve
  • SV-100 Sensor Ports SV-100 Sensor Ports
  • KR Air Regulator KR Air Regulator
  • SVX-100 Valve SVX-100 Valve
  • Micro Air Remote Control Micro Air Remote Control
  • KR-100 Pressure Regulator KR-100 Pressure Regulator
  • Bulkhead and Manifold Bulkhead and Manifold
  • SVS Subsea Valve SVS Subsea Valve
  • KT-3600 Transmitter KT-3600 Transmitter
  • 10 Inch Centers Valve Manifold Conventional Manifold
  • KR-75 Failsafe Air KR-75 Failsafe Air
  • Air Cable Assembly Air Cable Assembly
  • KR-100 Hydraulic Pilot KR-100 Hydraulic Pilot
  • SVT-Splash-Zone-Valve SVT Splash Zone
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Manufacturer of ShearFlo® Directional Control Valves and Pressure Regulators, Bladder Accumulators, Air Remote Controls and Transmitters

Engineering and Manufacturing the highest quality BOP control components for land and offshore for over 25 years

Specializing in High Pressure and High Flow Rate Critical Service Applications

BOP Closing Unit, Accumulator Manifold Rack


BOP Control Components

Your Control System is Only as Good as the Components it's Built From
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