PacSeal Hydraulics, Inc is the Manufacturer of ShearFlo Directional Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Bladder Accumulators, Remote Controls, Transmitters and Manifolds, Specializing in High Pressure/High Flow Rate Critical Service Applications



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QAS International Registered Firm
  • SVT Splash Zone Valve SVT Splash Zone Valve
  • KR-Subplated Valve KR-Subplated Valve
  • SV-25 Inline Valve SV-25 Inline Valve
  • Relief Valve Relief Valve
  • SV-100 Sensor Ports SV-100 Sensor Ports
  • KR Air Regulator KR Air Regulator
  • SVX-100 Valve SVX-100 Valve
  • Micro Air Remote Control Micro Air Remote Control
  • KR-100 Pressure Regulator KR-100 Pressure Regulator
  • Bulkhead and Manifold Bulkhead and Manifold
  • SVS Subsea Valve SVS Subsea Valve
  • KT-3600 Transmitter KT-3600 Transmitter
  • KR-75 Failsafe Air KR-75 Failsafe Air
  • Air Cable Assembly Air Cable Assembly
  • KR-100 Hydraulic Pilot KR-100 Hydraulic Pilot
  • SV Manifold Body SV Manifold Body
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Specializing in High Pressure and High Flow Rate Critical Service Applications.

Manufacturer of ShearFlo® Directional Control Valves and Pressure Regulators, Bladder Accumulators, Air Remote Controls, Transmitters, Manifolds, and Relief & Check Valves.


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